Bacterial Infection 

Determination of presence of various types of bacteria, yeast and fungi in (interface of water/oil)
light fuel oil, cooling water, metal working fluids. Bacteria count is done with the aid of included examples.
Available in box of 10 tests per culture

Objective : Determination of presence of various types of bacteria in hydrocarbons.

Advantages :

  •  Prevention of filter blocking (slime forming bacteria)
  •      Prevention of corrosive wear (acid forming bacteria)
  •  Prevention of power failure
  •  Prolonged life time of fluids
  •  Improves hygienic conditions of working areas

Effect :

  •  Avoiding power failure
  •  Avoiding engine damage

Product code:
1000003  Easicult Combi    – for the determination of the total number of bacteria AND for yeasts and fungi
1000006  Flexcult S            – identification of anaerobic bacteria in various industrial liquids

Note: restricted shelf life