Every fuel oil analysis is doomed to fail if the quality of the sample is doubtful.

TO START RIGHT Zematra is offering you simple tools for taking a representative sample during loading or discharge.
Tailor made Sample Units meeting the ISO 3171/ASTM D 4057 requirements.

Sample units are mounted on the ship which bunkers receive as close as possible to the manifold.
During the entire bunker-period a drop of sample is taken to get a good representative sample of the fuel received.

Advantages of our models are:

  1. Light weight and easy to install
  2. Custom built to be fitted on any flange
  3. No welding necessary for items A and C.


Available DRIP-SAMPLER models are:



A. product code 1008001 – With spool piece.
Unit can be fitted in-between an existing line without welding.
1008001 is the 1008002 which is already mounted in a piece of flange pipe.
This is then mounted between the bunkers hose and the manifold.

B. product code 1008002 – To be welded on the line. (existing line must be explosion proof)
It is a fixed sampler, which is fixed on the bunkerpipe immediately after the manifold.

C. product code 1008003 – Portable sampler.
1008003 is a portable sampler mounted in a flange.
This flange is placed between the bunkers hose flange and the manifold flange. 


Note: The above samplers are only used in bunkering of fuels and not in combination with lubricating oil.

When ordering always specify:
Diameter of pipe
Type of flange (BS, ANSI, JIS.)
Type of sample container (Zematra product codes or others)