WIO200 Water-in-Oil Sensor

The WIO200 Water-in-Oil sensor provides continuous monitoring of the entire lubricant oil volume, providing early warning of high levels of water content that could damage the machine. In applications such as marine engines or other machinery where water might be present, problems associated with water include corrosion of machine parts, a reduction in the oil’s ability to withstand pressure, emulsification, and leaching of oil additives.


When water in the lubricating oil is detected early, maintenance personnel can intervene before any damage is done, preventing expensive accidents.The WIO200 water-in-oil sensor measures water/moisture in oil, by measuring the relative humidity and water activity.


The WIO200 sensor was developed for monitoring marine engines, and meets the standards of MAN Diesel & Turbo Copenhagen. It is also Germanischer Lloyd Type approved. But there will be applications in any condition monitoring system where there is the potential for water to contaminate lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, diesel, etc.


The sensor is available with an associated terminal box. The terminal box provides power to the sensor, links the sensor to any external condition monitoring system, and provides a local visual indication of the water level in the oil.